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About Us

A solid base of knowledge of the antique, appraisal and auction business has gained Tim Isaac a reputation, which is second to none in Atlantic Canada. 

His knowledge and experience relative to antiques stem from his many years in the business and his dedication to preserving Maritime Heritage.

For over 40 Years Tim has devoted his career to the sale, collection and preservation of antiques.

One of the most highly recognized appraisers and auctioneers in New Brunswick, Tim Isaac is the proud proprietor of Tim Isaac Antiques, Art and Auctions.

Located in the heart of Saint John's south end at 213 Wentworth Street, Tim operates a retail antique shop and gallery attracting collectors and tourists alike.


The key to the success of any auctioneer is the ability to recognize the value of time honored objects.

A keen eye can recognize the value of an item that might otherwise be overlooked. It's this recognition that can make the difference when preparing for and conducting an auction.

At Tim Isaac Antiques, Art and Auctions, we use this keen perception to our client's advantage, and look after all estates with a solid base of knowledge and experience.

We make every effort to ensure maximum financial return for our clients: whether private individuals, families, legal firms or trust companies engaged to oversee the sale of an estate.

In a single year we hold as many as 10 auctions in New Brunswick.