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213 Wentworth Street, Saint John, NB. E2L 2T4
Tel: (506) 652-3222   Cell: (506) 333-1058
E-mail:  lizisaac@nb.aibn.com 

  • Has your art or antique collection been appraised recently?
  • Do you have an up to date appraisal of your household contents for insurance purposes?
  • Have you considered a Fair Market Appraisal on your contents for eventual family distribution?
  • Has your lawyer recommended an appraisal under the Marital Property Act as you pursue a separation or divorce?
  • Are you curious as to the value of the items that have been passed down to you through generations of the family?

Liz Isaac is available to offer her professional services in any of these areas.

Liz has been in the antique field for over 42years. She is  a member of The Canadian Association of Professional Property Appraisers and was a full time appraiser with the Canadian Antiques Roadshow.

Liz has done appraisals for many Canadian institutions including:

Portrait Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, On
The Rooms Provincial Museum, St John’s, NFLD
Kings Landing Historical Village, NB
New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB
Carleton County Historical Society, Woodstock, NB
Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, NB
York Sunbury Museum, Fredericton, NB
Ross Memorial Museum, St Andrews, NB
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB
Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB
Keillor House Museum, NB

Call  (506) 652 3222 or (506) 333 1058 or email lizisaac@nb.aibn.com to discuss your appraisal needs or to make an appointment today.